The People

From left to right: Steve Reynolds, Allison & Stephen Lewis
Decimus is a Napa Valley wine company created by Houstonians Stephen and Allison Lewis. The lead winemaker for the company is the award winning vintner, Steve Reynolds who has over 20 years of experience in the business. 

Decimus was created out of a sheer love and passion for great wine. Stephen Lewis spent years researching how some of the world's most successful wine brands came to fruition. 

In 2007, when Lewis first met Reynolds, he had no idea that his dream had just taken root.  

It wasn't until September of 2008, while Hurricane Ike ripped through their home town of Houston, that Stephen decided to work a day of crush at the Reynolds Family Winery. It was during that day that the Decimus dream became a reality.

Stephen grew up in Houston, Texas. As the past president of his high school’s Future Farmers of America chapter, he was set for a degree in agriculture. After changing his focus toward human relations and business at TCU in Fort Worth, it wasn’t long before he found a love for the world of finance and great wine. Today, he spends his days as an advisor to some of the country’s most prominent families. 

Allison is a born and raised California girl who fell in love with wine at the same time she fell in love with Stephen. After graduating with her Masters Degree in Journalism from USC she went on to anchor and report the news for television stations in Los Angeles, Memphis, Minneapolis and Houston.

The Lewis' have two lovely girls, Grace and  Ellana and son named Colt.